One of the worlds best trucks deserves the world's best conversion kit. Daycab Company has been converting Kenworth trucks for over 14 years and our track record speaks for itself.


Kenworth Standard is for pre 2001 models with non-integrated cabs. Aerodyne model trucks will fall in to this category. Standard A  model kit started in 1956 and ended in 1982 - Sleeper opening 44” high and 39” wide. Standard B model through L model started  1982-2004 - Sleeper opening is 46” high and 40” wide. Plastic interior panel included.

Mega Cab Kit


Standard Kit



Kenworth's version of an integrated cab debuted in 1994. It is recognizable by the rubber gasket that seals the sleeper to the cab.  Our kit is designed to look like a classic day cab without the rubber gasket and wedge look.

The AEROCAB was introduced in 1994 and is still in production today.  This sleeper removal kit will give you the classic low roof look and 5 inches of extra room behind the seat compared to a factory day cab.  Drivers enjoy more leg and belly room while having the ability to lean the seat backward creating a better angle for the back and hips.  Most OEM vinyl and cloth is available for the Aerocab.  When complete, the back wall will measure 17 inches from the door gutter

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