Created for factory day cabs. This kit will turn your factory day cab into an extended day cab with 6 inches of extra leg room after installation. Made for trucks from 1965 - 2019.


Built for most Peterbilt Day Cab Trucks including the 330 and 335, 348 models and others. Customers demanded more space for their factory day cab trucks and that's exactly what we delivered.  By providing an additional 6 inches of interior room, we created a driving paradise.  This means no more cramped legs or back aches, creating a more comfortable driving experience in your factory day cab.  A structural ring is included when not incorporated into back wall.  This kit will give you around 6 inches of extra room behind the seat from a factory day cab.  A big window day cab will receive less than 6 inches due to the big window depth.  You can also buy a complete interior with your kit and change the color of your cab completely. Air Ride is available as well.

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